"Attention to all Heroes! Waspix has been sighted near you! He will use his wings to attack you from the air, so keep observant! He also possesses three spikes and two mandrels out of cursed Quaza which are controlled by Witch Doctor- so be careful!"
— Waspix Warning
Species Information
ColoursYellow, Black, and Red (Quaza spikes)

Waspix is a species commonly found on the planet Quatros.



The Waspix were once fairly peaceful creatures residing on planet of Quatros. But that was changed
GU166370 1


once the Witch Doctor arrived and took control of the species with his Quaza Spikes.


Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Although Waspix used to fly over smaller creatures and scare them, the Quaza Spikes have taken that against hose creatures beneath the trees that that the Waspix live upon. The Waspix have become creatures that many fear to see as, once you come into its path, escape is no longer an option. Armed with four claws and lightning fast reflexes, terror has been bought to Quatros by the Witch Doctor.


Before the Witch Doctor came across the Waspix, they were not naturally aggressive, Waspix don’t generally attack without provocation. But the two corrupted Quaza spikes installed by Witch Doctor force this multi-armed beast to carry out his twisted plans.

Waspix are semi-intelligent, and they speak quickly with a buzzing, hissing accent. They tend to be solitary creatures, preferring to dash around the treetops of their nature preserve home planet Quatros. They love to swoop over slower creatures and make fun of them, but their antics are usually harmless. The Quaza spikes in this particular Waspix, however, make him a dangerous opponent for anyone unlucky enough to cross his aerial path.

Set InformationEdit

Waspix Box

Waspix's Box

  • Waspix is set for release in Summer 2011.
  • Waspix is set number 2231.
  • Waspix will have 48 pieces.

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