The Von Ness Mission was one Hero Factory's earliest battles. __________________________________________________________________________________

Thresher and rookies Preston Stormer and Von Ness were sent to answer a distress call from New Stellac City. However, they found a giant Drone attacking the city. Thresher ordered the rookies to stay back while he made a run at the Drone, but was hit by the impact of a shot and was seriously injured. Stormer ordered Von Ness to take out the Drone, but Von NessProtected Thresher. But Von Ness had other plans. He left his almost dead team leader and Stormer. Stormer tried to stop him but he escaped. Stormer then performed "the coolest move in Hero Factory history by jumping off the Dropship and onto the Drone, freezing it's visual sensors, cross-circuiting the Drone's wires, making it malfunction and explode, saving the city and Thresher.

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