is a Villain that often uses the power of electricity.


Little is known about Voltix's past, although at one recent point, Rocka captured him and brought him to the Hero Factory's Maximum Security Prison. There, Furno helped Rocka uncuff him and throw him in a cell, and then Furno and Rocka see Von Nebula's staff up against a wall in the cell room. Voltix then quotes that the staff "gives him hope," and he unleashes a fury of power that seemingly unleashes Von Nebula from his staff. Von Nebula glides over to the weapon and shattered the orb on it, creating a black hole that crashed through the roof of the prison and it also deactivated all of the laser-beam bars on the cells. This allowed all the Villains, including Voltix, to escape.

Voltix headed to his homeworld, Tansari 6. Jimi Stringer immediately began to pursue him, and when he attempted to Hero-Cuff him, Voltix deactivated the cuffs with his electricity. Stringer and Voltix battled each other with sound waves and electricity until finally, Stringer used the energy cells to weaken Voltix. This allowed him to un-plug his electricity pipes on his back - stunning him. Stringer cuffed him and brought him back to the Hero Factory, where he was taken captive again.

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