Toxic Reapa
Toxic Reapa
Biographical Information
ColorsLime Green, Black
GadgetsLaser Cutters
RivalNathan Evo

Toxic Reapa is one of Hero Factory's escaped villains.



Toxic Reapa was once a native of the planet Z'chaya, but went mad and tried to destroy the other natives. He equiped himself with a toxic waste tank to do so but was caught by a hero and sent to prison.


When Black Phantom escaped all the villians in Hero Factory's prison center, Toxic Reapa escaped back to Z'chaya. Reapa hopes to infect the larvae on his planet to create an entire army of evil insects. Evo has been sent to catch and cuff this villian.


Gadgets and WeaponsEdit

Toxic Reapa's weapons are laser cutters, which also include a deadly toxic waste attack. Reapa likes to use these to open small deep cuts in fortified structures, then pump them full of toxic waste that melts from the inside out. His laser cutters are also effective on their own.

Set informationEdit

  • Toxic Reapa was released in Winter 2012
  • Toxic Reapa set number is 6201
  • Toxic Reapa's set contains 42 pieces
  • Toxic Reapa's code gives you 200 game points.
  • Toxic Reapa can be combined with 6200 Evo

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