Biographical Information
GroupLeader of a Team
ColorsGreen, Gray
GadgetsProjectile Shooter
LocationUnknown(Formerly), Makuhero City(Currently)

Thresher is a Hero and the leader of the first Hero Factory Team Preston Stormer was on.


Thresher was made in the Assembly Tower like all other Heroes and made the leader of a team made up of then rookies Preston Stormer and Von Ness. The group was assigned to a mission on New Stellac City that was supposedly a routine mission. Upon arrival they encounter a giant drone with nuclear bombs of the sort destroying every part of the city in sign. Taken by surprise, Thresher was seriously injured (and to some presumed dead). Stormer insisted that the two rookies try to take out the Drone, but Von Ness refuses and insisted on watching over Thresher's body.

Stormer's first Team

"And it all seemed routine until they ran into this hulking drone, packing enough plutonium cryptide canisters to level half the city." William Furno, HF004

Reluctantly, the white armored hero agreed and attempted to take out the giant robot himself. During the action Von Ness took the ship and fled. Stormer, after getting over the distress of his friend abandoning him, later destroyed the drone by himself. New Stellac City made a statue out of the giant machine to honor the young rookie's heroics. Thresher did survive. He was later attended in a crowd for the presentation of the upgrade. He was later upgraded to a 2.0 hero.


Main Heroes(v|e)

Alpha team: Preston Stormer (Leader)
Dunkan BulkJimi StringerJulius NexNathan EvoDaniel RockaWilliam FurnoNatalie BreezMark Surge

Other heroes: ThresherMerrick Fortis

Former heroes: Von Ness (Formerly) Core Hunter (Formerly)

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