Thelonius Fox is a well-known Team Leader in Hero Factory.


Fox was first and only mentioned in Podcast 5 on Hero Factory FM. His other team members include Deuce Carter and Oscar Flint, both of which are currently Team Leaders. These three heroes have apparently been a part of Hero Factory for many years as they are referred to as veterans. Fint and Carter appeared on Hero Factory FM in an interview with Mak Megahertz. The episode allowed them to relive their glory days as the DJ played audio files of the team's famous missions.

Interestingly enough, Fox was not present during the interview. In fact, it is revealed that nobody (including his former teammates Flint and Carter) knows where he is. Mak includes that he heard rumors of Fox being a part of Hero Recon Team (which is lead by Merrick Fortis ), but the other two veterans had no clue whether this was true.

Podcast 5 shows just how popular these heroes were. The audio mission files of Fox's team were originally broadcasted on a station known as 'The Galactic Service' that long ago played hero missions through forty-seven systems. Mak expresses his interest in interviewing Fox if he is found.

Galactic FederationEdit

It is revealed from these two heroes that long ago, perhaps when Hero Factory just started, that missions were broadcast openly to civilians. The network that showed these events were known as the Galactic Federation which resembles old televised advertisements (especially for that of the army or a documentary) from Earth during the early 1900s. Whether this program is still around is uncertain since reporters like Zed Clickstart are needed to interview heroes on mission, but clearly the interest in learning about HF missions is still strong within those who respect Hero Factory.

Mak Megahertz appeared to recognize Deuce Carter, Oscar Flint, and Thelonius Fox well enough and unlike many of his other interviews he treats these heroes with respect. Clearly this hero team is one of the more popular ones among those who grew up under the protection of Hero Factory.


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