Skull Staff
Skull Staff
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Witch Doctor
StatusCurrently in use

The Skull Staff is the weapon of choice used by the Witch Doctor. He obtained this weapon from an ancient temple found on the planet of Quatros.


Witch Doctor is born

The Witch Doctor, user of the Skull Staff

Aldous Witch, former professor at Hero Factory, desperately wanted a Quaza core like the Heroes he trained. But the Quaza was reserved for Heroes only. Witch traveled to the jungle planet Quatros, a protected planet with a small amount of the precious mineral, and started mining. During his excavation, he found an ancient temple that contained a stone skull. He mounted the skull on a staff and put a sliver of Quaza into the skull. Amazingly, the skull amplified the power of the Quaza and transformed Aldous Witch into Witch Doctor, an incredibly powerful being.

Skull staff

The Skull Staff in comic form.

The corrupted Quaza spikes on the side of the skull allow Witch Doctor to control creatures on the planet.


Set InformationEdit

Witch Doctor 2283

The Set which the Skull Staff appears

  • The Skull Staff is found in set number 2283 - Witch Doctor.


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