Sierra Team is one of many teams in Hero Factory.

First introduced on Hero Factory FM with Hero News Network reporter Zed Clickstart in Podcast 7 and mentioned in Podcast 11. Sierra Team was on a mission to locate and destroy an Acidsnake from the planet Videon. As always, Zed is interviewing the heroes while they attempt to follow their orders. Though not discouraged by the team's constant putdowns and threats when the reporter comes close, he suddenly gets fearful when the Acidsnake appears. It is revealed that Sierra Team was using Zed as a decoy to lure the snake out of hiding and that is where the interview ends.

In Podcast 11, it is revealed that Zed miraculously survived the experience. Sierra Team even allows the reporter to do a flyby of the Assembly Tower in celebration of a successful mission.

Members of the team include Team Leader Ted Brakespeare, who at first tells Zed to 'go away' and says nothing else, then there is weapons expert Bart Ellorie who even goes as far to threaten the reporter if he became a big enough distraction, and lastly is master tactician Nate Purchase. Though Nate is ironically the only hero who isn't mean to Zed Clickstart, he is also the one who devises the plan to use him as a decoy.

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