— Sid Asimo, Hero Factory FM
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Sid Asimo
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SideHero Factory
GroupHero Factory Employee
LocationHero Factory

Sid Asimo is an apparent legend among Hero Factory staff as the longest living employee of the tower.


Sid Asimo's first and last appearance is in the third episode of Hero Factory FM where he is interviewed by DJ Mak Megahertz. Unfortunately because Asimo can no longer hear very well, the discussion was cut short. It is revealed, however, that Sid is greatly respected among the staff in the HF tower. Since he is the longest working member, one can wonder whether he knew Akiyama Makuro, the creator of HF, before he started his business. Although why Sid has been sentenced to live in such horrible conditions for such a long time has not been revealed



Sid has been living in the underground engine room of the tower for 92 years and has suffered great damage in his ears from the overbearing noise. The engine room is used for building Hero Armor and bodies. Due to the horrible state of his audio receptors, the room must be unbearably hot and noisy. What Sid actually does in this area of the tower is unknown, though we can assume he has something to do with the construction of the heroes.



  • During his interview, Asimo's voice carried that of an old man making one wonder if his age is accurately around 92. This would mean, of course, that these robots have a set lifespan similar to that of a human.

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