7147 XPlode
Review Information
Set Number7147
Number of Reviews1
ColorsRed, Black, Yellow
WeaponsExplosive Spikes, Meteor Blaster, Blade
Number of Pieces45
Availability Available August 2010

Review 1Edit

Random sample taken from, user: Deadtree103.

I'll make this quick, I ordered this along with Rotor, William Furno, and Mark Surge, he really looks good with Rotor. He looks suitably sinister for what he is, and he really looks like a crime boss.


  • Good peices.
  • Recolored Thornax launcher called Meteor Blaster.
  • Krika leg in another color.
  • Cool-looking and sinister mask.


  • Arms can sometimes be awkward to pose.

Overall, this is a really good set, for pieces, playability, display, and posability.

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