Witch Doctor 2283
Review:Witch Doctor
Review Information
NameWitch Doctor
Set Number2283
Number of Reviews0
ColorsWhite, red, black
WeaponsSkull Staff
Number of Pieces335


Review 1Edit

This is an incredible set, let me say that right away. Incomparable to other HF sets, even the Drop Ship. An very complex design, too hard for kids under 10-that much is sure. The finished figure is 15 inches from heel to bone spike. Extremely menacing (great for scaring people at night) and easily better than Von Nebula and Fire Lord.

Witch Doctor definitely does not lack poseability. He has 26 points of poseability, making him the second most poseable HF action figure yet (not counting Raw-Jaw, who also has 26 points of articulation. The most poseable is Waspix, with 28 points of articulation). And better yet, not counting the launcher, there are no ridiculous "functions." Good to see that TLG has finally abandoned "gimmicks" and just stuck to pure action figures.

Witch Doctor has one of the best villainous appearances. Two infected Quaza spikes protrude from his shoulders, and four spinal bones stick up from his back. Barbs line his ankles, and the whole black-white-red color scheme gives him a evil look. The skull mask only adds to the look. The skull staff offers two more Quaza spikes, and if you were holding a staff with a devil-horned skull mounted on, people would probably call you Witch Doctor too. With this weapon, you can easily imagine him performing black magic, or doing bizarre experiments on Heroes.

I finally rated the "value for money" a five, because Witch Doctor has one of the best piece-to-price ratio for an action figure we've seen for a long time. I can't remember many BIONICLE or even HF sets having a 10-16 tag, and having 31 more pieces than most of us would consider a reasonable piece count. Can't disagree with 331 pieces for $30.00 USD, or less.

I really can't find any flaws with this set. I think TLG has finally designed a perfect action figure. I would like to find out who the designer is, so I can check out his other works. Even after a day, Witch Doctor has become my favorite villain, there is no doubt.

If you see this figure at the store and you are sorely tempted to buy it, I strongly advise you to go with your instinct. Get it. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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