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Toxic Reapa Box
Review:Toxic Reapa
Review Information
NameToxic Reapa
Set Number6201
Number of Reviews0
ColorsGreen, Black
Number of Pieces42

Toxic reapa review: By roonerEdit

I had bough his set a while back and decided to write a review.

Build and peices:Edit

The build is nearly normal, the body is original and so is the toxic tanks. The new peices are: The bubble armour, The short lime green joint, the small seethrough lime peices, the red connectory peice and head. The body has a small joint sticking out the chest connector on the body, and a waspix peice right above. The toxic tanks are made out of lego bricks, and toxic reapas weapons are two flames recolered green. Overall 10/10

Playability: Edit

Toxic reapas actualy a very fun set! He's easy to pose and his hunchback look fits well with his large shoulder! 10/10


I recomend this set to every one! This set is just brilliant and I rate it a 10/10!

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