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Surge Breakout Box
Review:Surge Breakout
Review Information
Set Number6217
Number of Reviews0
ColorsBlue, Green, Silver
WeaponsElectric Sword
Number of Pieces39

Review 1: By roonerEdit

I had got this a while back and decided to write a review on it today!

Build and peices:Edit

Surges build is very basic. He is similar to the set: stormer 2.0 2063. There are hardly any new peices, the only new peices are: The recolered lightning shooter, The hero core and chest plate, The short green joints, the plasma gun and the hero cuffs. There is no normal blue peices on surge and alot of lime peices. I prefer the old helmets and so I am glad there back. The blue tube which can be found in the set stormer 2.0 2063, can get in the way. Overall surge has a normal build and so I rate his build and peices: 8/10


Its very easy to pose surge, but the tube can get in the way. The plasma gun is hard to shoot, but after a while it gets easier to shoot. Its easy to play with him ( If you play with your sets) but its best to sit down on a chair at a table (Otherwise you will hurt your back). Overall: 7.2/10


My only comlaints are that the tubes to short and that there is no back.


I recomend this set to people who want a basic set, those who like to moc and those who like playing and collecting.

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