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Splitface Box
Review Information
Set Number6218
Number of Reviews1
ColorsRed, Black
Number of Pieces51

Review 1Edit

This review was written by Starscream7.


  1. Helmet: I am speechless about Splitface's helmet. This is the first Hero Factory helmet alone comprised of two pieces. The helmet - one side gunmetal and the other side red - perfectly mirrors Splitface's split personality.
  2. Double-bladed weapon: The weapon has both a pro and a con - but still is very good. It is very mechanical-looking and has great possible poses.
  3. Laser: Although I was slightly dissapointed that the weapon wasn't really anything new, it is actually a very good addition because the weapon is actually two weapons merged as one. There is a Meteor Blaster-modified weapon and a laser above that which is Surge 2.0's Ice Spear Blaster main component.
  4. Body armor: Splitface is the only Villain to posess Hero body armor, and like the Heroes, his is customized. One side, just like the helmet, is gunmetal/mechanical-looking and the other side is red/muscle-like. The outlining of the piece is also plain-gunmetal.
  5. Design: Last but certainly not the least, Splitface's design is a perfect match to his split personality characteristic.
  6. Head-rotation: If Splitface's head is rotated around, the original left side of the head (which was either gunmetal or red) would become the opposite color but stay as the same piece design. Although it messes up his split-personality design, it does nothing other then bring up the details of this spectacular set.


  1. Double-bladed weapon: The mechanical armor piece on the top of the weapon (specifically, for example: Jetbug's jetpacks - excluding the flame) is not stable enough. It moves around a little too much - and also, the bolts connecting that very piece to the hand sometimes tends to slide out if the hand is positioned too often. Therefore, you have to keep fixing it.
  2. Red arms and legs: The red-colored arms and legs of the set have a very similar design, and in my theory, it could've had newer/other pieces.


Due to the pros and cons of this set, I would give Splitface a 4.7 grade - in simpler terms, an A+. This is an incredible set and is a great addition to the Breakout toy line. I encourage everyone to purchase Splitface, who will prove a great addition to your Hero Factory collection!

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