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Rocka 3
Review:Rocka 3.0
Review Information
NameRocka 3.0
Set Number2143
Number of Reviews1
ColorsGold, Gunmetal, White
WeaponsMulti-Functional Claw
Number of Pieces30
AvailabilityAvailable Summer 2011

Review 1Edit

Review from Brickset: Krataka15792

Hello again! This is Krataka15792, a.k.a. Zok: Insane Math Wizard on BZPower, back with another Hero Factory review! Rocka 3.0 is the star of the Savage Planet wave, or I presume he is the star. After all, he has two sets of himself, and he is advertized like crazy on the TV box. This little kitty is ready to tango with the Doctor with his gold plating and claw of wonders, but is Rocka worth your cash, or should you send him back to the pound? Well, let's find out!


First of all, I have to say this right away: Rocka 3.0's box art is just amazing. Rocka 3.0 stands before you in all his golden glamour, while behind him are the heads of the heroes Witch Doctor has slain, as the Witch Doctor stands at the very back of the background. It's both amazing and haunting. The same design is on Rocka XL's box, but with slightly different images. The top of canister, or hero pod, is lime green, to symbolize the jungle. On the back of the canister, you can see the combiner for Rocka and Stormer, and a brief picture story on Savage Planet, along with his Hero Core. The instructions are thorough, and I have had no problem with them.


Rocka 3.0 has a bunch of gold pieces, so if you're a gold lover, this set may be for you. Rocka has gold feet, gold 5-length armor pieces, a gold "fist", a gold hero chest piece, and a golden helmet shaped like a lion. Rocka's helmet really does look like a lion, but its a little big for my taste. Rocka, along with every other hero in the 3.0 line, includes a trans-green piece which has his name and animal. Rocka also includes: Black 3-length armor pieces, grey lower-arm limbs, extended lower-limbs for legs, black fist, gunmetal chest piece, gunmetal claw piece exclusive to him and Stringer 3.0, Exo-Force armpieces, silver blades as included in Fangz, Waspix, Rocka XL and Nex 3.0, and white Hero Core and head.

The buildEdit

Rocka's build is just the same as every other hero set, so I will not go into it. It's just simply an average humanoid build, centered around balljoints.

The completed modelEdit

Rocka 3.0 is actually not bad at all. He poses quite nicely, and the colorscheme actually works. Mind you that Rocka has a color scheme of black and gold, but also has grey, gunmetal, silver, trans-green and white mixed in there.


All-in-all, I must say, Rocka isn't that bad of a set. At first, I thought that the color scheme's would clash with eachother, but somehow it works. I would reccomend him to anyone who is a mocist and anyone who likes to collect. If you are looking for a more extravagant build, however, this set is not for you.

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