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Jawblade Box
Review Information
Set Number6216
Number of Reviews0
ColorsBlack, Silver, Orange
WeaponsSwords, Blades
Number of Pieces45

Jawblade review 1: by roonerEdit

I bought this set a while back and decided to write a review of it.

Build and peices: Edit

Jawblades build is probably the second most original build of the breakout! He has two arms, instead of legs he has fins, a tail and a function of a opening and closing jaw! The new peices are: The fins are new to HF, The red connector peice, the shark head (and probably the jaw), two solid red connector peices, the long transparant armour and recolered fire blades! 10/10


Since Jawblades a shark, those who play with their sets would pretend jawblades underwater! That only means no sitting down and more standing up. Jawblades not that possable though so I rate this bit a 8/10


My only coplaint is that he's not very possable!


Overall Jawblades a fantastic set and I highly recomend him. 9/10

Review II: Starscream7Edit


  1. I actually enjoy the set a lot. The cons are minor and I really thought it was pretty interesting. The biggest issues I had were the first and second ones. Other then that, Jawblade is a fantastic set.


  1. The head was the biggest issue for me. For one, the dorsal fin above the head seemed odd to be directly above the head. Usually, in most sharks, they're on their backs. Also, the lower jaw seemed too large. When viewing the figure, you can obviously see that lower-jaw heads behind the upper-jaw in an awkward-fashion.
  2. The "anal fins" (the blade-like pieces in front of the tail fin) were horrible to pose. The silver pieces linked to the lower-jaw would get in the way whenever I would try to pose the anal fins.
  3. The figure has hands - which greatly annoyed me. Why does it have hands? They could've simply made it a stub-like armor piece linked to the Magma Blades.
  4. The red pieces directly behind the hands made the set rather impossible to be Hero-Cuffed, since it had no plus-sign-like rod behind the ball that the cuffs could clip onto. Sure, the black joint directly behind the red joint could be cuffed, but those still aren't the hands. Jawblade could still escape.
  5. The silver piece of armor above the translucent orange piece on Jawblade's mask seemed to pop-up too much.

Overall GradeEdit

Despite the savaging cons that made impact on this Villain, Jawblade swims out of the dark waters with an 8.5/10 (B+). Most of the cons didn't really have that much effect on the playability of this set, so I think that it is very good.

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