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Furno Breakout Box
Review:Furno Breakout
Review Information
Set Number6293
Number of Reviews0
ColorsRed, White, Silver, Orange
Number of Pieces56

review 1. By roonerEdit

I had got this set just after christmas and just decided today to write a review on it.

Build and peices: Edit

Furno's build is very strong and tall. Furno has the most peices out of all the heroes in the breakout wave one. Its not hard to build furno, but the peices in it are fascinating! The tubes were used on the bionicle set that has Takanuva with his boat thing. I'm glad they brought back the old masks, as they were the best. There are no normal red armour peices for some strange reason. Furno is also covered up on every joint, unlike the 2011 ones. But all in all, Furno's build is very basic. 6/10


The best bit about a under water hero is if your playing with it, you dont need to keep it on the ground! You dont need to bend down and hurt your back when playing (Thats if you play with them). You can just lift him up and move him in the air and pretend he's under water! He's very possable. Overall The playabilty is extrodinary! 10/10


My only complaint is that there is no back for furno umlike other 2012 larger sets.


I recomend furno to every one! I recomend it to those who play with there sets, and those who just put them up for display or mocs. My overall rating is 9.8/10


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