Fire Lord Box
Review:Fire Lord
Review Information
NameFire Lord
Set Number2235
Number of Reviews1
ColorsSilver, Gray, Orange, Red, Black
WeaponsLava Blaster, Lava Sphere Shooter
Number of Pieces125
AvailabilityAvailable Early 2011


This set is an awesome set. Even though it's nothing compared to Witch Doctor, it's a fun set for its size. It's nothing to hard, and with what the Black Phantom and Rocka XL building had to offer we have seen its style of build many time now. It's not that menacing, but it does have fun playability. It is very easy for kids for at least 7 years old or so. It measures up to 11 and a half inches.It has at least 13 points of poseability the last time I counted them. He is probably the fourth or fifth most poseable Hero Factory figure made with the new ball and socket joint building system.

He has an okay appearance, but it does have some cool looking printed number 6 sized black armor pieces. His weapons are some of my favorite weapons out of all Hero Factory sets released. His Lava Sphere Shooter is the old Glatorian Thornax Launcher mold, and it launches a red and orange swirled Zamor ball. His Lava Blaster is not connected to his hand, but it's connected to an arm atatchment with a shield on it.

In my opinion if you can buy him on the internet or somewhere else buy him because he is a very cool set, and a worthy set to add to your collection.

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