7160 Dropship
Review Information
Set Number7160
Number of Reviews1
ColorsYellow, Silver, Black
WeaponsH4-Force Sphere Shooter
Number of Pieces390
AvailabilityAvailable Now

Review 1Edit

Drivin by special trained hero factory pilots,this air craft is a very fast one.But it cannot fly faster than Jetbug.Furno usually doesnt ride in his pod so he doesnt travel around using this ship because of his furno bike.These ships are hero factorys pride.Without them no hero could get around(except Furno).


* VERY big.

  • Flapping Wings.
  • Massive engine.


* Too big of a price. LEGO could've gone for around 30-40 dollars.

  • Middle wings hang down low.
  • Should have needed another Midak Skyblaster on the other wing.

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