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Drilldozer Box
Review Information
Set Number2192
Number of Reviews1
ColorsSilver, Black, Red
WeaponsDrill, Lava sphere, blade
Number of Pieces61
AvailabilityAvailable Early 2011

Review 1Edit

This review was written by Starscream7.


  1. Coloring is perfect for this set. I found it to be more of a modification of Thunder, only with firey elements and armor. Seeing the set as an upgrade of Thunder yet again, the armor has greatly been improved after the release of Thunder, whose supposed-to-be bulk appearence was heavily lost and the figure was made thin. Drilldozer, however, brings out tons of new "gadgets" into the growing storyline.
  2. The set also has a rotating drill, which is a great addition due to his obvious naming. Above the drill is one of the fire villain engine pieces, which had been rotated around so that the projecting flame faces Drilldozer's right shoulder.
  3. Wonderful balance and stance. The figure, despite its overload of weapons - a drill, a sword, tons of spikes sticking out everywhere, horns and a back-mounted Lava Sphere Shooter - the set still remains upright, possibly because of the original BIONICLE STARS Skrall set's feet that were used in the set.
  4. Back-mounted Lava Blaster has great posibility. It can go in any direction, and has 100% pure articulation.


  1. Drilldozer has the same head piece as Fire Lord, though it is colored silver. However, I still felt that even with the recoloring of the piece, the helmet could've been simply one kind of helmet (Drilldozer's face without the Fire Lord's face on the back).
  2. The set is somewhat frustrating to position in several places. The red spikes all over his body sometimes get in the way of everything else.
  3. The piece connecting from the back and to Drilldozer's drill arm is very troublesome. It prevents the arm from being moved in many certain angles. I mostly have to decapitate it from his arm and coil it up on his back to "store" it.

Review 2Edit


  1. The head piece is good for MOCimg
  1. Love the armor
  1. Everything comes in place great


  1. Is that a tail or a side launcher?

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