7179 Bulk and Vapour
Review:Bulk and Vapour
Review Information
NameBulk and Vapour
Set Number7179
Number of Reviews1
SideVillains & Heroes
ColorsBlue, Black, Silver
WeaponsMetal Sphere Shooter, Meteor Blaster, Blade
Number of Pieces89

Review 1Edit

Random Sample taken from, user: tdlace.

Dunkan Bulk & Vapour is a pretty good set, but I have to admit, $25 for 89 pieces is a little bit too overpriced. I still think it's a great set, partially because it comes with two figures, an upgraded Dunkan (Duncan) Bulk, and Vapour, which only comes with this set.

Pros (Bulk)Edit

  • Removable hero core
  • Jet-pack with tube
  • Two guns

Cons (Bulk)Edit

  • Hard to pose

Pros (Vapour)Edit

  • Easier to pose than Bulk
  • Recolored Rotor mask (Looks better on Vapour)
  • Bigger than Bulk
  • Two Thornax/Meteor blasters
  • Scope
  • Has spikes on his shoulders
  • Two claws

Cons (Vapour)Edit

  • Arms are short and hard to pose
  • Leg armor is fused to his legs (That must hurt)


In the end, it's a pretty good set, just a bit too expensive. Hope this helps!

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