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Breez Breakout Box
Review:Breez Breakout
Review Information
Set Number6227
Number of Reviews0
ColorsGreen, White, Red
Number of Pieces55

Review 1: By roonerEdit

I had got this a while back and decided to write a review on it.

Build and peices:Edit

The build is basic, but alot of the peices are new. The peices that are new are: The red sheild, the round shells, the hero cuffs, the plasma gun, the chestplate, the hero core and blades and some joints hat were recolered. Since breez has two hands, the plasma shooter is easier to shoot. Breez has had her 1.0 feet and helmet brought back, and come lego bricks used to make rocket boots. Overall I give breez's peices and build a 9/10!


Since breez has those rocket boots, the people who play with their sets can make breez fly through the air! Breez is very possable! Warning: Breez's rocket boots do not actualy work, throwing the set may end wih a broken helmet. 9/10


My only complaint is that breez's helmet has plastic bits that feel as if they can actualy snap off.


I recomens breez to every one who likes hero factory! And her back is nicely covered up by a foot. 9/10


  • The Breez Breakout (4.0) set, although it was released, did not allow the character to make an appearence in the Breakout storyline for unknown reasons alongside Thornraxx.

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