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Black Phantom Box
Review:Black Phantom
Review Information
NameBlack Phantom
Set Number6203
Number of Reviews0
ColorsBlack, Red, White, Green
Number of Pieces124

This review was written by Starscream7.


  1. New helmet that fits on the original Glatorian head.
  2. Unique upper-chest armor.
  3. Arachnix drone has great possible poses. The drone also posesses green eyes and has four thin legs.
  4. Very excellent staff, new pieces are used. The blade at the bottom is also a great addition since it can be taken off and simultaneously used as another weapon if the Arachnix is not in use.
  5. Overall coloring is also very well-done, with a mixture of black and red armor. The translucent Glatorian head, tubes and armor pieces on razor sabers also add an interesting affect to the figure.
  6. Arachnix drone works out as a very good gun, yet it is recommended that the four legs are tucked inwards.


  1. Surprisingly, the entire Black Phantom set can easily be confirmed to be similar to the Fire Lord. These are the parts based off of the Fire Lord (note that this entire list counts as a single con).
    • Horns projecting out of the sides of his head resemble the firey horns that the Fire Lord also had.
    • Legs are completely based off of the Fire Lord's, with the colors modified. Two different kinds pieces are used that weren't in the Fire Lord's set.
    • Razor sabers may be speculated to be based off of the Fire Lord's booster rockets on his back.
    • The pieces (used to stabilize the legs) connecting to the top of his legs and then connecting to his mid-torso are based off of the Fire Lord's.
  2. The saber sticking out of the bottom of his staff is a little too long, and it makes the back of the staff much longer then the front. Modifications are suggested.
  3. The small grey pieces attached to the top of his arms to make them longer prevent easy ways to move the figure's components around. Apparently, this has to do with the design of this new piece.

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