"Heroes beware! A giant villain is on his way back to you. Raw-Jaw is fast and agile like a gorilla and his jaw has tusks. He will be hard to stop...and be careful about his stinger out of cursed Quaza he carries on his back!"
— Raw-Jaw Warning
Species Information
ColoursRed, Silver, Gunmetal

Raw-Jaw is a common species on the planet of Quatros.



Raw-Jaw used to walk the forests of Quatros unopposed with other creatures being unafraid of being destroyed. By ever since the Witch Doctor came to Quatros, things have changed. Although the Raw-Jaw are unwilling, the Witch Doctor can twist their minds to make them do his bidding, even if it means riding in to destroy and Heroes that are lost in the forest.



"That creature looks like is juggles mountains for fun!"
Julius Nex describing a Raw-Jaw, Jungle of Danger!

Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

The Raw-Jaw are built like elephants. His huge tusks and massive strength are more than a match for just about any other creature on his native jungle planet. Except, that is, for Witch Doctor, who has installed a corrupted Quaza spike on Raw-Jaw to control him. Now, Raw-Jaw hauls stolen Quaza minerals for Witch Doctor.

This huge beast has the agility and speed of a gorilla, and is a formidable opponent for any Hero intending to stop Witch Doctor. Although he’s unwilling, Raw-Jaw can be forced by Witch Doctor to do anything – including crush any Heroes who get in his way!


The Raw-Jaw does not wish to harm those that they do in the name of the Witch Doctor, but it is this very beings fault that they are doing that. The Quaza Spikes installed on their backs make them strangely aggressive and willing to obey any order the Witch Doctor may dish out.

Set InformationEdit

Raw-Jaw Box
  • Raw-Jaw is set for release in Summer 2011.
  • Raw-Jaw is set number 2232.
  • Raw-Jaw has 52 pieces.

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