Radioactive Sludge Shooter
Radioactive Sludge Shooter
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusStill In Use

The Radioactive Sludge Shooter is the chosen Gadget of Wanted Criminal Meltdown.


This specialty weapon has been spotted on Meltdown. He is considered extremely dangerous, in part because of this very effective gadget. A modified Meteor Blaster is hooked into tanks of radioactive sludge, and the sludge is then congealed into a toxic sphere. Spheres are then shot from the Blaster. Twin accelerator blades boost the toxic ball’s speed, making the projectile doubly dangerous. It doesn’t help that Meltdown has viciously accurate aim. Anything in Meltdown’s way will be instantly coated with a thick layer of radioactive goo.


Set InformationEdit

The Radioactive Sludge Shooter is used in the set 7148, Meltdown


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