Quaza Stone Core

"Report to the Quaza Chamber immediately!"
Professor Nathaniel Zib, Hero Factory Television Show

The Quaza Chamber is where heroes are sent when their Cores need to be recharged. It is located within the Assembly Tower near where the mission managers work so that they may monitor a heroes' vital signs as he or she heals from battle.


The Quaza Chamber appears to be encased with some kind of liquid which keeps the hero suspended while volts of electricity strike the robot in the core. Not much is known about the specifics of the chamber since the construction of Hero Cores is so secretive.

Charging the Core

Furno suspended in quaza chamber

Recharging Advantages and PoliciesEdit

Heroes use the chamber to recharge their special cores. A core needs to be recharged when a hero either overexerts him or herself, such as when Furno trained himself too hard, or when a hero has sustained a sufficient amount of damage. Bulk was crushed against a pile of metal tools in HF002, but one trip to the Quaza Chamber repaired him as good as new.

This raises the idea that no matter how badly a hero is damaged a trip to the chamber can even fix their armor along with their Quaza Cores. There is also a policy about the use of these Chambers as first uttered by Zib. During HF002, Zib refuses to send Stormer to assist his comrade in battle since it is "Hero Protocol" that a hero may not leave the building before being recharged. This statement shows how orderly the Assembly Tower is as to not even make the exception of a single rule for someone as well-known and respected as Preston Stormer.

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