Penitentiary 1331

Penitentiary 1331

The Penitentiary 1331 is a location on the Planet Tantalus V.


Core CrisisEdit

During the construction of Penitentiary 1331, a Henchbot of Von Nebula named Corroder attacked the Workers and gave them a number of injuries. As the Alpha Team was dispatched to deal with the crisis, they were ambushed by Corrodor, who managed to bring down a stack of iron girders on top of Dunkan Bulk. This left Jimi Stringer to draw Corrodor's fire while William Furno was dispatched to aid the Heroes.
Luckily, as the Heroes were able to conect in a Hero Cell, Furno was able to reach Tantalus V in time and was able to defeat Corroder.
Soon after the battle, Bulk was freed and the Heroes returned to Makuhero City. Construction has most likely resumed.

Appearances Edit

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