None as of yet.



October 13 - REVAMPEdit has had a massive revamp! The whole website has changed and even some of the product pages so have a look, it'll change everything!

October 20 - Podcast 9Edit

This month has been a very dull month in Hero Factory History. Basically...nothing has come up. You can check up on the 2011 Spoilers that have been revealed so far, and please remember that if you have any new spoilers feel free to tell us about them on the talk page.

Now to todays news. The 9th podcast is up and ready to download on hero It's actually quite good, like the last one (hilarious). Stay tuned for more news as it comes in, but so far Bricktober has turned out to be Hero Factory's No News Month, so lets hope for a pick up in November!

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