"Danger! Nitroblast has been spotted breaking into the security system at Tanker Station 22. If he shuts it down, the Fire Villains will be able to steal the hero-fuel! With his plasma blowtorch and lava sphere shooter, he can access any security system. And his flaming shell protects him from almost any attack! He'll be a tough nut to crack!"
— Nitroblast's description on
The Nitroblast
Biographical Information
GroupMinion of the Fire Lord
ColorsRed, Gunmetal, Orange-yellow
GadgetsPlasma Blowtorch, Lava Sphere Shooter

Nitroblast was a Henchbot of the Fire Lord and a wanted criminal.


Early LifeEdit

Nitroblast was initially built on Tallos 5 - a mining planet - as a a miner bot along with Fire Lord, Drilldozer and Jetbug. Nitroblast worked efficiently for a period until a number of bots were upgraded and given the ability to absorb fuel through their finger tips to prevent them from having to travel back to a recharging center. This renovation was largely efficient until a number of the bots became corrupted by their newfound abilities and were driven insane. Nitroblast was one of the mining bots that were upgraded and eventually joined the Fire Lord's band of rebels.

Tanker Station 22Edit

Driven by their greed and thirst for fuel, Nitroblast and the other corrupted mining bots began attacking Tanker Stations. When they attacked Tanker Station 22, four members of the Alpha 1 Hero team - which consisted of Preston Stormer, William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez - were dispatched to stop the attack. However, the heroes were overwhelmed as the criminals were unharmed by their weapons and had managed to surround them and a number of civilians. The rogue mining bots may well have proceeded to kill the heroes had Mark Surge not managed to cause a distraction by destroying the fuel cells and divert the villains away.


Lava Sphere Shooter

A generic weapon given to a generic villain.

Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Nitroblast is equipped with a Plasma Blowtorch and Lava Sphere Shooter. He has a canister on his body which fueles the blowtorch and has red and gunmetal armor.

"So, Nitroblast, what is up with with that weird contact of yours?" "It's an eye you fool!"


Nitroblast is Fire Lord's most loyal servant. He would even kiss Fire Lord's armor in reverence.

Set InformationEdit

Nitrolast Box

Nitroblast - A Winter 2011 Set

  • Nitroblast was released in Winter 2011.
  • Nitroblast is set number 2194.
  • He contains 58 pieces.

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