New Stellac City is a City that is in the Hero Factory Universe


Stormer's first Team

Thrusher, Stormer and Nebula

New Stellac City was attacked by a giant drone robot. Three Heroes, Thresher, Preston Stormer and Von Nebula arrived to defeat the drone. Thrusher was badly injured and Stormer left Ness to help Thrusher but Ness departed fled leaving Stormer to deal with the Drone. Stormer managed to cross-circuit the drone's wiring completely destroying the drone.


What's that pile of junk doing on the-oh wait, it's a statue dedicated to Stormer

Von Ness, later called Von Nebula, returned to New Stellac City. At first the Alpha Team stands alone near what appears to be a clot of unused auto parts, realizing that they received a call near the very memorial statue dedicated to Stormer's heroics years ago. Once they pieced together this incredibly obvious trap, the Alpha Team found themselves in danger leaving only Furno and his group to go and rescue them. The Heroes, Natalie Breez, Mark Surge, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer fought Thunder, Corroder, XPlode and Meltdown while Stormer and William Furno fought into an unusually solid Black Hole....with walls the heroes could climb apparently. While the heroes had ample opportunity to plan an attack, Von Nebula just sat there and did nothing as the two chatted.

When the four Heroes outside the Black Hole were near defeat, they used their newly gained Particle Distorters to scatter their atoms which means that the villains weapons would pass right through them. Once the villains ran out of ammunition the Heroes stunned three of the four Heroes leaving XPlode unharmed. He then fires his Explosive Spikes but theHeroes once more use their Particle Distorters and escape. Stringer then stunned him.

Once Furno and Stormer had beaten Nebula, New Stellac City was once more badly damaged. Once the Heroes had finished congratulating each other on the recent events Stormer told them they needed to get Nebula (who was trapped in his Black Hole Orb Staff) to a high security vault, along with his Henchbots.


  • New Stellac City has a monument of the destroyed Drone in it.

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