Stormer infected face to face with Furno
Tool/Weapon Information

Nanobots are microscopic beings which are used by the villain "Meltdown" to infect his enemies.


The Enemy WithinEdit

The Villain Meltdown was equipped with Nanobots, but it is unknown how he came across them. He was ordered to use these Nanobots along with his Radioactive Sludge to infect Alpha Team leader Preston Stormer under Von Nebula's orders.


Mekron City

Chief of Police Drax, in Mekron City, was infected first with the Nanobots and sent Hero Factory a distress call. heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez were dispatched to see what the problem was. Drax told the Heroes all was fine but Stormer wasn't convinced and sent the heroes to search the perimeter. This resulted in Drax attacking the heroes and drones shooting at them. The Heroes were then interrupted by Meltdown who was about to hit Furno when Stormer jumped in the way resulting in the Hero being infected. The Heroes then rushed back to Hero Factory.

Professor Nathaniel Zib then told the Heroes what the Nanobots would do and told the science team to work on a neutralization code. Unfortunately, Stormer escaped and Furno went after him on his bike. Furno figured that Stormer would go to the massive billboard of him in Makuhero City, Furno was right and the two started to fight. Furno managed to get the infected Hero back to Hero Factory. While this was happening, Breez, Surge, Stringer and Bulk made their way to Lunar Tratix to get a part of the antidote. The were attacked by a Tratix Reptoid. Luckily, Breez was able to use her ability to commune with any creature to convince that they weren't there to hurt it. The heroes then returned to Hero Factory where Stormer and Drax were later cured.


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