Multi-Tool Blades
Multi-Tool Blades
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Natalie Breez
StatusStill in use

The Multi-Tool Blades became Natalie Breez's weapons upon becoming a Hero 2.0.


Natalie Breez has traded in her energized dual boomerangs for these compact marvels of mayhem.

Hooks, cables, and cable-cutting blades feature prominently, and detachable throwing blades complement the weapon's pointy theme. But the most obvious - and fearsome - feature is the lava-cutting circular blade. The sturdy tempered vanadium blade spins up to more than 10,000 rpm, which is deadly enough, but that's not all! Built-in heat exchangers cool the cutting edge down to just a few degrees above absolute zero, making it perfect to slice through even the hottest and hardest material with ease. Stealthy and effective, the circular blade's only drawback is the huge steam cloud generated whenever it slices through something really hot.



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