Merrick Fortis
Merrick Fortis
Biographical Information
GroupHero Recon Team
ColorsPearl silver, Lime
LocationMakuhero City

Merrick Fortis is the leader of the Hero Recon Team.


Little has been revealed about who Merrick is, though we are certain he is a hero and currently runs the secretive Hero Recon Team for Akiyama Makuro. Apparently, Fortis is in charge of also recruiting Heroes to be a part of Hero Recon. Members must be dedicated to Hero Factory at all costs and have skills in gathering information for the organization. Whoever Fortis was in the past must have had these qualities, and is probably around Makuro's age since Hero Recon has been around since the Hero Factory's creation.


As stated before, there isn't much known about this organization let alone it's leader, but the Hero Factory website has revealed letters by the robot Quadal regarding Fortis's history. On the Hero Factory website there is a section dedicated to Hero Recon Team. Before the site opens to the public, a message by Quadal has been left as follows:

Posted 01.02.2011

By: Quadal

Hero Recon Team was formed shortly after the creation of Hero Factory. The founder, Mr. Makuro, realized that the organization needed to understand the evils that exist in the galaxy if it was successfully to maintain peace and prosperity. Mr. Makuro signed one of Hero Factory's top heroes Merrick Fortis to help form and lead this new intelligence division. Fortis set up headquarters in a secret location in Makuhero City, and set about recruiting the best and brightest heroes to gather intelligence for Hero Factory.


  • Hero Factory website - (mentioned only)
  • Possibly Hero Factory FM as "Smith"

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