Seriously Breez, what's so abandoned about this place?

Mekron city is a space city that Heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno, Mark Surge and Natalie Breez visited to investigate a crime. Stormer found Chief Drax who told him everything was fine. The chief then turned on him but Stormer quickly cuffed the chief. Drones then start attacking the four but the Heroes use them as target practice and down them. Then wanted criminal Meltdown appears. Considering Stormer knew Chief Drax before, we can assume that Meltdown figured this out and infected Drax to lure him out there. He tries to get Furno will his Radioactive Sludge but Stormer gets hit instead. Nanobots get sent to his Core. Meltdown exits and the Heroes quickly get Stormer back to Hero Factory to make sure he isn't harmed.


  • Chief Drax - (Formerly)
  • Various Robots
  • Various Drones

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