Magma Blades
Magma Blades
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusIn Use

Magma Blades are a pair of modified weapons weilded by Jawblade that had supposedly been stolen from Furno at one point. The blades are modified versions of Furno 1.0's weapon and have been designed to work underwater for Jawblade's personal purposes.


Stolen from Furno in a previous mission, Jawblade’s magma blades have been modified to work better underwater – Jawblade’s preferred environment. They focus immense heat into a twin blast of volcanic energy that slices through water without losing any power. A thin layer of steam protects the magma shot as it targets any Hero unlucky enough to be in Jawblade’s sights.

Set InformationEdit

These weapons are included in the set 6216 Jawblade. These are re-coloring of William Furno's 1.0 weapons.


  • As of now, the fact that Jawblade "stole" Furno's weapons is mostly impossible. This is clearly because the last time that Furno posessed the weapon was in his 1.0 form, and the last time he used it before his 2.0 Upgrade was when he fought the Fire Lord and his minions.

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