Lava Sphere Shooter
Lava Sphere Shooter
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusStill in use

The Lava Sphere Shooter is a weapon used by villains such as Fire Lord. It is a modified version of the Meteor Blaster.


This modified version of a standard "Meteor Blaster" brings an explosive advantage to any villain hotheaded enough to carry one! The sphere's red-hot outer shell prevents anyone from stopping it as it drills through just about anything. Once the lava coating punches through something like a wall, fuel container, or Hero armor, the sphere's exploding molten center destroys everything nearby. Research has shown this weapon has just one weakness: it tends to overheat when used too often.

There are only two effective defenses against the Lava Sphere Shooter: an ice shield that dissipates the thermal energy of the sphere; and not being around when it's used. Heroes are encouraged to use the first defense, everyone else should use the second.



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