"Urgent! Jetbug and the other Fire Villains are attacking Tanker Station 22. If he's not stopped, he will fly off with our hero-pod fuel using his powerful back-mounted jet engines. Watch out for his razor-sharp pincers and do not let him start his jet engines or we will never be able to catch him!"
— Jetbug's description on
The Jetbug
Biographical Information
GroupMinion of the Fire Lord
ColorsOrange-yellow, Black, Red-orange, Gunmetal, Red (spikes)
GadgetsPincers, Lava Sphere Shooter

Jetbug is a Henchbot of the Fire Lord and is a wanted criminal.


Ordeal of FireEdit

At some time in his life, Jetbug, Fire Lord, Drilldozer and Nitroblast were given augments in their fingers, which reduced the need to recharge so many times. However they gained an addiction for power and had gone mad.


During Jetbug's imprisonment in Hero Factory, the villain was 'broken-out' by Black Phantom. Then villain escaped and his whereabouts are currently unknown.


Gadgets and WeaponsEdit

Jetbug possesses a pincer around his mouth, a Lava Sphere Shooter and also carries two small blades. Jetbug has the ability to fly, and is even faster than the Dropship. He has orange eyes, orange and black armor, two engines which serve as Jetpacks.


Jetbug is known to enjoy attacking others as he has a constant giggle.


Jetbug Box

Jetbug's Box

  • Jetbug, like all of the 2.0 Villains, is not part of a combiner model.

Set InformationEdit

  • Jetbug was released in Winter 2011.
  • Jetbug is set number 2193.
  • Jetbug has 64 pieces.

See AlsoEdit

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