Ice Spear Blaster
Ice Spear Blaster
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Mark Surge
StatusIn Use

The Ice Spear Blaster is a weapon used by Hero Mark Surge as a Hero 2.0.


Perfect for long-range operations, the Ice Spears used by Mark Surge bring pinpoint accuracy to any situation.

"Ice" is a little misleading - sure, the spears are ice, but not water ice; instead, they are formed from a frozen mixture of ammonia, methane, and chlorine, which all freeze at much lower temperatures than water. A thin film of crystalline benzene covers the entire spear, to keep it from evaporating before it reaches its target. A tiny self-guiding computer with a laser guide rests in the spear's tip, guiding it with eerie accuracy to the target.

The blaster can generate a new spear every 0.25 seconds, making it a rapid-fire weapon. It also includes a climbing hook, but who cares - that's not nearly as nifty as a spear made out of ICE.



Gadgets:Ice Spear Blaster

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