This is the page where you can vote for someone who deserves to be an administrator. If selected by popular vote, the user(s) selected will be promoted by one of our bureaucrats. Currently, Voting will begin soon!

Rules for VotingEdit

  • Be civilized. No rude or impolite comments.
  • Do not make up new accounts to vote for someone. This will result in disqualification if discovered.
  • Sign your username with four ~'s like on a talk page.
  • The person you vote for should be regularly active and have been on the wiki for at least a month. They should also have at least 500 edits.
  • You are allowed to nominate yourself, but you are not permitted to vote in that occasion.

How to Nominate UsersEdit

Please post your nominee like this below the "Nominees" section:

That user's nameEdit

  • Why you think they deserve it.
  • Your signature. (Lord Starscream - Goodbye 14:42, December 14, 2010 (UTC)

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