On this page you submit questions and one of the admins here will ask Greg Farshety and they submit the answer.


All Questions were asked by users and answered by Gerg Farshtey


  • Q: As far as you know, are the heroes themselves biomechanical beings (despite being built in a factory) or are those who create the heroes biomechanical?
  • Q: There have been two Hero Factory comics based off the first two episodes of the Hero Factory movie/tv series made, will there be other comics coming of the final two episodes?
  • Q: Is there news of you writing any Hero Factory books if there are any coming out?
A: I did some writing for some AMEET books in Poland for HF, but I am not aware of any books in the US.
  • Q: Are Julius Nex and Nathan Evo part of Furno's team or Stormer's team? Or are they just training with them and part of the rookie team?
A: I don't think they are considered rookies, that's not the impression I have.
  • Q: If a Hero Core is removed from a Hero will they stop working?
A: Most likely
  • Q: Are William Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge members of Alpha Team or is it only Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk.
A: I believe the Rookies are considered to be a part of a Rookie team
  • Q: Do the Heroes have any elemental powers?
A: In some cases, their weapons do, they themselves do not.
  • Q: Is there another Hero Factory anywhere else?
A: No
  • Q: Was Corroder based off of the Decepticon Starscream? (Transformers films). I mean, his personality is pretty much identical. Witch-like laugh, sinister tone, agile body - most of all, Charlie Adler (Starscream's voice in the live-action Transformers films) voiced him in the Hero Factory TV show. Is he really based off of Starscream?

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