Hero cell

Hero Cell being used by Stringer, Bulk, and Surge

First introduced in HF002, 'Core Crisis', on the Hero Factory TV Show, the Hero Cell is a weapon apparently carried by one hero in every squad and only used as a last resort.


Little is known on how or even when the Hero Cell was created, but the reason makes sense. Though this little blue and white oval device may appear harmless enough, the object drains directly from a hero's core. This brings to question whether the Quaza Stone, which makes up each hero core, can power other types of machinery. Just how much power these quaza energies contain is uncertain.

First appearing in 'Core Crisis', Surge, Stringer, and Bulk are forced to use the Hero Cell when Corroder proves to be too much for the heroes to handle. Once the green villain nearly crushes Bulk to death, Stringer suggests to activate the Cell despite Stormer's initial protests. Since this device drains directly from the core, and Bulk had been severely injured, the silver hero nearly lost his life from the effects of the object while simultaneously it saved him from Corroder's acid.


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