Dunkan 3.0

Bulk after receiving the upgrade.

Hero 3.0 was the name given to the Hero Factory Heroes who had undergone a specific upgrade that essentially revamped 2.0 design and allowed them animal-like abilities.



When Zib learned that Rocka had gone missing on a mission to the paradise planet Quatros, he allowed William Furno, Preston Stormer, Julius Nex, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer to be upgraded to the 3.0 design in order to survive on the planet.


The Heroes arrived on Quatros and saved Rocka, who was upgraded too. The six Heroes progressed through Quatros and used the new armor numerous times before the final battle against the Witch Doctor occurred. Rocka was enlarged to Rocka XL in order to overcome the villain and the Heroes succeeded making the 3.0 upgrade a success.

3.0 Heroes (Confirmed)Edit


  • It is not known if all other Heroes received this upgrade as they would not need to travel to Quatros.

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