2.0 Bios

Hero 2.0 was the name given to the Hero Factory Heroes who had undergone a specific upgrade that essentially revamped the general design on their construction. This design has now been replaced by the Hero 3.0 design.



The Hero 2.0 Upgrade was introduced somewhat recently following several Alpha Team members being defeated by several of the Fire Lord's Henchbots. Sensing the direct threat that their new enemies' weapons posed to the obsolete model of Heroes being used at the time, Akiyama Makuro; the founder of the Hero Factory, decided that he must redesign the Hero model to withstand the new threat. After extensive experimentation, Makuro was able to create two new Heroes; Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, and upgrade them using his newly created Hero 2.0 Upgrade.

Evo and Nex then both aided heroes Preston Stormer, William Furno and Natalie Breez in taking down the Fire Lord and his henchbots. The armor proved useful and aided them in taking down the villains. It was confirmed that the upgrade would roll out to the rest of the Heroes.


Following the official release of the upgrade, Akiyama Makuro pledged to have all of the pre-existing Hero models to be given the Hero 2.0 Upgrade.
Several members of Alpha Team have already been given the upgrade.

2.0 Heroes (Confirmed)Edit


  • The 2.0 Heroes existed only in Early 2011 as they were upgraded to the 3.0 Heroes around June or July.

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