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Gargantuan Smash
Biographical Information
SideHeroes Assistant
LocationMakuhero City

Gargantuan Smash is a former villian who is now currently an assistant in Hero Factory.

History and PersonalityEdit

Based on his Interview with DJ Mak Megahertz, Gargantuan Smash seems to have been a small witted villain in his past. Though clearly a powerful foe, Smash at one point felt empty inside after destroying a beautiful temple (an activity that was apparently supposed to bring him joy). Afterwards, he turned himself in and now works along side Hero Factory. During his interview, Gargantuan expressed the idea of working at HF to be 'ok', but the pay was nice. It is at this time that he reveals that his main reason to becoming a hero helper was to, oddly enough, get enough funding to pursue his interest in poetry. In later podcasts on Hero Factory FM, radio commercials depict Smash doing concert poetry readings along side famous opera singer Lydia Zehula.

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