"At all Heroes! Fangz, the assistant of Witch Doctor, has been sighted! This nasty minion will defend his master at any cost and will also make use of his spear jaw and the stinger of cursed Quaza. Where Fangz is, Witch Doctor cannot be far away be ready for anything!"
— Warning regarding Fangz
Species Information
ColoursBlack, Silver, Red-orange

Fangz is a common species on the planet of Quatros.



The Fangz were once creatures that hunted in packs, feared by all those who they came across. When the Witch Doctor came to Quatros and managed to take over some of these creatures he had his very own bodyguards. Their job would be to defend them against the Hero attacks that would be coming very soon to Quatros.



Gadgets and AbilitiesEdit

Fangz are lightning swift as well as cunning. Individually, they can be aggressive and able to hunt creatures much larger than themselves. Traveling in packs, they can bring down almost anything, except perhaps a Raw-Jaw. Their jaw-mounted spears can pierce any hide, and they can even climb tall trees. There’s only one sane option when facing a Fangz – run. Fast!


When a Fangz is alone, they can be aggressive and hunt a vast array of creatures. Normally, Fangz hounds hunt in packs throughout their native forests of Quatros. But some have been captured by Witch Doctor, a powerful Quaza thief, and forced to protect him against the inevitable Hero squad sent to stop him. A corrupted Quaza spike embedded in Fangz’ back allows Witch Doctor to control him with a thought.

Set InformationEdit

Fangz Box
  • Fangz is set for release in Summer 2011.
  • Fangz is set number 2233.
  • Fangz contains 54 pieces.

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