Earth is a planet in the Solar system.


Various MissionsEdit


Responding to an emergency call on the 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY number, Mission Manager Zeta dispatched Epsilon 4 Team; a newly minted group of heroes with experience handling mythical and medievel creatures.

The team encountered the beast not far from the original sighting point - a high school in the North American region of the planet. Belying its brutal reputation, the dragon was found asleep in a small wooded area and easily contained. Damage to the surrounding area was minimal. Team Leader Puck reported slight damage to a nearby industrial estate and parking lot. Heroes performed routine sweep of surrounding area before returning to the Factory.

It was also reported that a Maths teacher was handing out too much Algebra homework as said in Hero Factory FM. This was taken very seriously as numerous Hero Factory Teams were dispatched. Hero Factory FM even acknowledged Lego as a toy company and advertised the toys during a commercial break in the HF universe. Due to the use of Earth as more of a way to relate the heroes to children, this planet may not actually exist in the Hero Factory story and is just used to promote the toys.


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