Deuce Carter is a veteran Hero, who is now the leader of a Hero Factory Team. He was at one point on a team with Thelonius Fox and Oscar Flint.


Deuce Carter appears on an interview with DJ Mak Megahertz on Hero Factory FM. During the show he expresses great interest in the good old days and easy missions involving his famous rescue of the King of Saturn from the hideous Gorgon of Neptune. Carter and Flint easily beat the Gorgon and laughed as Mak joked that they probably wish all missions were just as easy.

Hero Factory FM

Maybe Fox is just hiding under a foxhole?

The DJ then brings up the whereabouts of their team leader Thelonius Fox who cannot be found anywhere. Neither team member knows where Fox is, but both expressed little interest in seeing him again. Another mission was played during the interview involving the defeat of a creature known as a Sun Eater and the interview was over.

Galactic FederationEdit

It is revealed from these two heroes that long ago, perhaps when Hero Factory just started, that missions were broadcast openly to civilians. The network that showed these events were known as the Galactic Federation which resembles old televised advertisements (especially for that of the army or a documentary) from Earth during the early 1900s. Whether this program is still around is uncertain since reporters like Zed Clickstart are needed to interview heroes on mission, but clearly the interest in learning about HF missions is still strong within those who respect Hero Factory.

Mak Megahertz appeared to recognize Deuce Carter, Oscar Flint, and Thelonius Fox well enough and unlike many of his other interviews he treats these heroes with respect. Clearly this hero team is one of the more popular ones among those who grew up under the protection of Hero Factory.


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