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Dark Horrendous
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GroupSpace Pirates

Dark Horrendous is the leader of a gang of Space Pirates.


Pirates of the ConstellationsEdit

Ruthless space pirates, led by the infamous Captain Dark Horrendous, boarded the space station and held 15 workers for ransom. Rather than give in to their outrageous demands, the Hero Factory was called, and Team Leader Lucas Valor took the pirates by surprise. Because of the fragility of the space station walls, no energy weapons could be used, so the Heroes engaged the pirates in hand-to-hand combat with microfilament sabers and beanbag blunderbusses. The pitched battle ran throughout the entire eight levels of the space station, with the untiring Heroes forcing the vicious pirates back at every move. Finally, after being cornered in the sub-basement, the pirates surrendered when Emily Wise turned off the lights and scared the pirates into submission.


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