Daniella Capricorn MVN

Looks just like Raven Su in the game but with different colors.....seriously they couldn't color her?

Daniella Capricorn is a reporter in Makuhero City.


Capricorn appears in two different continuities, that being the Hero Factory TV Show and Mission: Von Nebula game. In both versions, she is a sassy reporter for the HNW Evening News. She first appears in the TV show in HF004 at the end where she is having trouble with a 'malfunctioning' camera bot who films just about everything but her. It isn't certain whether she actually dismantled the drone after her story on Furno's team.

Interestingly enough, in the video game, she looks a little different and your character in Hero Creator has to save her from Von Nebula's goons. While in the HF movie she has long blonde "hair" and a red dress, yet the game doesn't bother coloring her this way or any way. Though we haven't seen much of this character any continuity, Daniella Capricorn will appear nice and sweet during her interviews but behind the scenes she can be a rather unforgiving reporter if an employee messes up his or hers' job.

Ordeal of FireEdit

Daniella appears in HF004 for a brief moment in the beginning. Adoring her actual colors of a red dress and blonde "hair," Daniella is still upset with her sentient camera who keeps filming everything but her despite it being her show. The reporter was one of many who attended Akiyama Makuro's unveiling of the hero 2.0 upgrade. Nex immediately takes a liking to her and lifts her up onto the stage with Makuro as he continues to explain the upgrade. Daniella continues to remain on the stage even during Nex and Evo's combat demonstration.

Nex has oddly taken a liking to Daniella and in the background can be seen trying to impress her with his new body and strength. As always, the reporter's unreliable camera films her at the wrong moment and manages to get some of the flirting on the show. Despite being a little enchanted by Nex's charms, Daniella manages to keep her head and continue asking Makuro questions (and ultimately doing her job), much to Nex's chagrin.


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