"Enter codes from your Hero Factory Hero canister, or through other advertising, and receive virtual rewards like special downloads or access to exclusive games! After you enter a code, just come back here at any time to access your reward."- HeroPad description


Creep Crushers Stormer 2.0 cover

Creep Crushers is a game you can unlock with only the Hero 2.0 sets, where you play as the character you bought and fight hordes of enemies until the game tells you it's over.



lil Stormer's gonna get fired!

The gameplay for Creep Crushers is very simple as you only need the d-pad to move and press up to jump, down for a shield, z to fire a blast and x to hit your gun at enemies. The game offers small achievements for things like how many enemies you kill or unlocking different bosses. While one of the game's awards is unlocking the Fire Lord as a boss, there doesn't seem to be any connection the new series save for the tiny enemies.

When you kill an opponent various trinkets appear in his place which can range from hamburgers to ipods. The food affects your health while everything else builds up the energy in your gun. Overall, Creep Crushers is a basic fun game with few rules and no story.

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